How employers interview

A recent survey of their members by the Institute of Student Employers (ISE) reported that 53% of their employers are now using video interviews as part of their recruitment process.   This is up from 6% in 2012.

Video interviews involve the candidate being given questions that are usually written  on-screen and then they have time to record their answers before submitting them to the employer.  It’s  very different experience to the traditional face to face interview as you do not get any non-verbal or verbal cues to gauge how well you are answering the questions.  Although you are unlikely to encounter video interviews if you are applying for academic teaching or research jobs, it seems it is a growing recruitment tool in other sectors of employment (as ISE members come from many different industry sectors).

The Careers Service are running a short online session covering video interviews (as well as Skype or phone interviews which can be used in academic recruitment if candidates are not in the country) on Thursday 25th January from 1:00pm to 1:50pm

For details of how to log in to the session go to the link below.

Top Tips: Video, Skype and Phone Interviews

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