Funding opportunity

See below for details of a very small pot of funding that is available for research through an organisation called Gradconsult.  It’s a new initiative and is aimed at helping researchers start to develop a track record of successful funding bids.

On behalf of the Gradconsult team, I am delighted to announce that our Microgrant scheme is now open for applications!

About our Microgrants:

We want to put our money where our mouth is – we see the great value that quality research adds to our Universities, and as an SME working in early careers, we want to support individuals starting their career in academia or research to get a foot in the door.

Our Microgrants are open to early-career academics who want to kick start their funding record. This can include:

  • PhD students
  • Post-doctoral researchers with less than three years’ experience
  • Academics/lecturers with less than three years’ experience

Applicants can work in any field – we’re as interested in chemists as we are in art historians – and should be looking to develop a funding track record to apply for larger grants in the future. The final criterion for eligibility is that, to date, they should not have received a research grant larger than £1,000.

You can learn more about our Microgrants (and apply for them) by following this link:

The deadline for applications is the 31st March 2017.

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