PhD Internships in Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

I’ve just received an e-mail from a colleague about some internships at Edinburgh Research and Innovation (ERI) so I thought I’d share it here.

There is a great opportunity for PhD interns to work at ERI on IP Management and Commercialisation. They are hiring up to 10 students.

Job title: Intellectual Property Management and Commercialisation PhD Intern (Employ.ed for PhDs)

Closing date: Wednesday 21st Sept

They are looking for interns from a range of disciplines covering Business Management, Life Sciences and Physical Sciences.

Areas of particular interest include: synthetic biology, industrial biotechnology, diagnostics, drug discovery tools and processes, medical imaging, therapeutics, regenerative medicine, stem cell biology tools and processes, digital communications, renewable energy systems and storage, microelectronic devices, big data, sensors, new materials, chemical engineering, catalysts, petrochemicals and animal and human health/wellbeing/nutrition.

Link to job details on MyCareerhub

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2 Responses to PhD Internships in Intellectual Property and Commercialisation

  1. Ryan says:

    Dear Sharon Maguire,

    First of all, your blog is amazing, somehow it motivates me to be optimistic about my career after my PhD.

    I just going to finish my first year now in Japan. In order to be graduated I need to do an international internship. I read this post of yours, and I have a question even through it is too late. I tried to find the detail information on ERI website but got nothing. Does student from abroad eligible to do this internship? I’m really interested to do the internship at ERI.

    Best regards,

    • researchstudentcareers says:

      Dear Ryan,
      Thanks for your comment. I’m pleased you find the blog useful.
      Unfortunately the internships I mentioned are restricted to University of Edinburgh PhD students only. If you are interested in an international internship I’d suggest contacting companies / organisations who you would be interested in working with directly to ask about the possibility of an internship. If you have funding to support the internship that may be helpful. Make sure you’ve done some research on the company first so you can tell them why you’re interested in working with them for a few months as that will come across much more positively to them.
      Good luck.

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