Interesting opportunity

I just spotted an interesting opportunity on the Careers Service vacancy site (MyCareerhub) so I thought I’d flag it here as you may not have seen it.  It’s for a graduate job, and they’re interested in applicants with a higher degree, so you’d have to be near the end of your PhD.

The role is Social Impact Consultant and it’s for an organisation called Aleron.  Details below.

Aleron is a social impact consulting firm dedicated to helping individuals, organisations, and governments to create positive change in society. We believe that with the right resources, tools, and knowledge, it is possible to solve even the most egregious social problems through individual and collective action.

The role will involve:
• Data Analysis: developing financial / analytical models, understanding and structuring their outputs to provide insights that will inform recommendations to our clients
• Preparing Presentations: structuring communications and thoughts to convey complex messages to our clients in a simple and clear format
• Supporting Workshops: actively listening, responding and building on clients’ thoughts to improve their thinking and create consensus
• Solving Problems: thinking creatively but highly logically about the challenges faced by our clients to generate new ideas / approaches to their businesses.

Closing date isn’t until 23rd September but early applications are best.  For further details look under opportunities on MyCareerhub

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