Managing conferences

conference questionsIf you haven’t come across it already, you may want to have a look at the series of posts on The Guardian Higher Education Network on academic conferences.  There’s a lot of good advice, some of it light-hearted, both on getting the most out of conferences as an attendee but also on how to organise a conference effectively.

1. Good advice on choosing the conference carefully and using this as part of your publication strategy.

How to make the most of academic conferences

2. A nice analysis of the different types of ‘good’ question to ask; ones that will get you noticed in a positive way and actually result in useful discussion.

A guide to asking good questions

3. How to avoid being the chair who mispronounces names, doesn’t notice half the people wanting to ask questions, or lets everyone run well over time.

How to be a brilliant conference chair

4. For anyone thinking of organising a conference, some of the dos and do nots to make it a positive experience

How to organise an academic conference

Finally, going to conferences and getting the most out of them is a lot about effective networking.  For further insight and advice on networking see our earlier blog posts.

Networking for an academic career

The art of networking

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