Data science as a career

Word Cloud "Big Data"Big data  is a term we’re all hearing a lot lately.  There are many reports saying that more skilled people are needed to work in roles related to analysing and using this data; you can see a recent article here on recruitment grapevine.  And if you want to read more, one of my colleagues wrote about big data and what it means recently on our Inform.Ed blog

If a career as a data scientist is of interest then S2DS are running a five-week workshop for analytical PhDs to train them in the commercial tools and skills needed to enter data scientist roles.   Closing date for applications is 6th April 2015 for the programme starting in August 2015.  There is a cost involved so you’d have to be sure it was right for you.

The minimum requirements are:

  • PhD in an analytical science
  • Intermediate programming experience in one of Python, R, Java or similar
  • Documented experience in use of mathematical and statistical methods
  • Strong desire to change careers into a Data Science role
  • Excellent communication skills in writing and speaking
  • Ability to attend the full five weeks of the workshop
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