What do Edinburgh PhD graduates do?

Some good news!  You can now gain access to survey data collected on 2012/13 PhD graduates via the Careers Service website.

The data, gathered as part of the annual Destinations of Leavers of Higher Education Survey (DLHE), is provided for each academic school and refers to what graduates were doing 6 months after graduation. You’ll find:

  1. School Reports  –  includes overview statistics showing percentages of graduates in categories including:  Employment,  Further study or training, and Seeking employment or further study.
  2. Programme Award/Summaries – includes both overview statistics and specific information on jobs, employers and work locations for those entering employment.

PhD graduates enter a wide variety of different career paths. As the data provided refers to what graduates are doing six months after graduation, it’s good to be aware that career paths can develop in multitude of different ways after this point – especially perhaps for those who enter short term academic contracts.

To get an ideas of how PhD careers develop over time, you may like to have a look at the case studies provides on the postgraduates section of the Careers Service website and also at careers stories on Vitae.


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