Calling all Willing Bloggers and Viva Survivors!

No more blue MondaysA group organised by postgraduate research students in Literatures, Languages and Culture (LLC) are introducing a blog series on surviving a PhD and the Viva.  They are interested in finding doctoral students in the Humanities who are post-viva and who would be interested in sharing their experiences by writing a short blog post.  If you think you may be interested in contributing then read on for further information from their website.

CFBP: Blog Series- How I Met My Viva- PhD Survival Tips from People who Survived.

During our most recent session, participants brought up the way in which the modern PhD experience is represented in online and print media. Students felt that they largely encountered overwhelmingly positive or negative accounts of the PhD experience which were either hard to live up to or utterly discouraging.

The idea with the How I Met my Viva blog series is to offer an alternative to these tales of absolute triumph and failure, instead we’re hoping to bring together the voices of recent post-Viva PhDs describing the challenges and little victories which make-up PhD life, and ultimately brought them to completion.

If you have successfully completed your PhD, we were wondering if you’d be interested in contributing. Your blog wouldn’t need to be particularly long or ‘academic’ but could contain specific advice for students earlier in their PhD journey, discussion of an issue which you think needs to be more widely addressed, a description of a challenge you encountered during the completion process and the strategies you used to overcome it or a more general reflection on the process you went through to reach completion. Information on what you’re up to now, and what to expect/what to do when you finish might also be really useful. We know that some issues can be delicate and for that reason we’re also happy to take anonymous/disguised submissions, within reason.

If you’re interested in participating or would like more information about No More Blue Mondays please get in touch with us at nomorebluemondays2014[at] or via Twitter.

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