Getting Published – Are you targeting the right titles?

Getting publishedIf you’re starting to think about submitting a paper for publication, you might be interested in a recent Careers Intelligence article “Looking to get published? Don’t take it as read” in the Times Higher Education Supplement, 23-29 October 2014.

The simple advice given is to read a journal before submitting your paper. Does that sound pretty obvious? Maybe it is, but apparently it’s one reason why many papers – particularly from early researchers – are being rejected.

The main message is that your publication has to fit the journal’s aims and scope. One suggestion is to start by looking at where the papers cited in your literature reviews have been published … another is that while you should take note of reviewers’ comments, you shouldn’t be put off submitting elsewhere if you’re not initially successful.

As always, seeking advice from your supervisor(s) and other researchers who know how things work, should help you to set off in the right direction…

Good luck!

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