53 interesting ways to communicate your research

I’ve just been wading through many e-mails after an extended period of leave and  I came across an interesting post on The Thesis Whisperer blog.  It’s about communicating your research, an essential skill for all research students.  You can read the post below.


Sara Shinton is a freelance research educator who works for a range of universities north of the Scottish border. I’ve followed Sara on Twitter for ages and kept meeting people who love her work. After a series of missed attempts to meet during my visits to the UK, I did wonder if we were destined to be academic ships in the night, but Sara made a big effort to come and have breakfast with me when I was in Edinburgh in early June.

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 9.56.59 amIt really was a pleasure to finally sit and talk shop with a fellow traveller. At the end of our breakfast Sara kindly gave me a copy of a book called “53 interesting ways to communicate your research”, an edited collection of advice which features some of her writing.

The book is the latest in the ‘53’ interesting things series, which includes books on teaching and learning. All the books in the series are full of short, practical snippets of advice that you can dip into for ideas. In fact, they are very blog like in their tone. I already own the 53 book on lecturing and it’s one of my ‘go to’ references whenever I am preparing a new workshop. So I had high expectations of 53 interesting ways to communicate your research – and I wasn’t disappointed.

Read the full blog post here.

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