Getting connected

get connectedWe’ve recently launched a new service for University of Edinburgh students called Connect.Ed.  It’s a way to connect with alumni of the university who are happy to share their career stories and experience with you and to give you an insight into working in a specific industry or job role.  It’s a fairly new service so we are still growing the number of alumni who are registered on the system.  You can search by employer or job type as well as level of qualification.

At last count there were about twenty graduates with PhDs registered covering areas such as development banking, pharmaceutical industry, healthcare ethics, government social research, medical writing, management consultancy, technical sales, and working in programme management with the research councils.  These are ‘warm’ contacts, people who will be happy to hear from someone interested in finding out more about what they do and how to get into a specific industry.  If you are interested in finding out about an area of work you are obviously not restricted to talking to people who have a PhD (although you can get insights into how having a PhD was helpful – or not – in getting a job).  There are over 200 people registered on the system covering a wide range of employment sectors which you can explore.

If you want some ideas on the type of thing you could ask alumni contacts look at the section on informational interviews on our website.

You can find out how to get access to Connect.Ed here.

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