Chemical Sciences Research in Scotland

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One of my colleagues, Deborah Fowlis, writes a blog for chemistry students at the University of Edinburgh.  She recently posted on chemical sciences research in Scotland and I thought this may be of interest if you’re doing a chemistry PhD.  Read on for her post….

We’ve heard a lot recently about Scotland’s assets – and I suspect we will be hearing even more about them in the run up to the Big Question on 18th September this year (“Should Scotland be an independent country”). Without a doubt, one of the biggest assets that Scotland does have is its scientific research base, and the Chemical Sciences in particular, are very strong. A 2013 report by Elsevier – “International Comparative Performance of the Scottish Research Base in Chemical Sciences.” for Scottish Enterprise brings this home. The report IS long (46 pages) but is actually very interesting and easy to read  It compares over thirty developed countries, including USA, Japan and the UK as a whole.

To read the full post go to her blog.

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2 Responses to Chemical Sciences Research in Scotland

  1. Jamie says:

    Hi guys, followed the link – the blog ain’t there 😦

    • researchstudentcareers says:

      Hi Jamie,

      Sorry about that. The blog has changed location since that post so the link wouldn’t work. We’ve updated it so it should work now.

      Thanks. Sharon

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