Marketing Yourself Effectively

I want you stamp347x346[1]My colleague Rebecca and I facilitated a workshop this morning with PhD students in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences. It was called Marketing Yourself Effectively and covered how to prepare an effective CV, complete application forms and perform well at interview. We said we’d post the slides here so attendees could view them.

Marketing Yourself Effectively

For anyone not at the workshop, as well as those who were, we have a whole section on our website on marketing yourself. It covers making applications for both academic and non-academic jobs and you can find it here.

In preparation for writing a CV or going to interview it is also useful to think about what skills and experience you have gained through your PhD (and other parts of your life). You can get some help with this by looking at ‘Identifying your skills‘.

For those of you reading who are students at the University of Edinburgh, remember you can get individual feedback your CV or have a practice interview by booking an appointment with a careers adviser. Find out how to do that here.

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