Meet the employers

Careers Fair 24 CROPPEDIn the next couple of months there are a going to be a lot of employers coming onto campus or to venues around Edinburgh who are keen to talk to University of Edinburgh students.  So why might you as a PhD student be interested?

    • Explore career options outside academia.  Many PhD students I talk to say they don’t know what opportunities exist outside academic research so talking to non-academic employers is a great way to learn.

  • Find out how your PhD is viewed.  Do employers value the skills and experience you are gaining through your PhD?  If so, which employers and in what kinds of industrial sectors?  And if some don’t it’s your opportunity to ‘market’ the worth of a PhD to them.
  • What skills and experience do you need to go into specific job roles or industries?  Employers can tell you what you need and then you can consider how to go about filling in any gaps in your experience.
  • Get information to help with the ‘ why do you want to work for us?’ question on job applications.  If you’ve spoken to employees from organisations your are interested in joining then this can demonstrate interest on an application and you’ll usually get information that’s not available on a website.

So where can you go to meet the employers?

Careers Fair on 8th and 9th October: We’ve got over 100 employers attending our careers fair at Adam House on Chambers Street from a wide range of employment sectors.  We’ve got Amazon and Abercrombie & Fitch, HSBS and Her Majesty’s Government Communications (HMGCC), IBM and INEOS, Procter & Gamble and PwC, Towers Watson and The John Lewis Partnership, and many more.  So have a look at the Careers Fair pages and decide who you would like to talk to.

Employer presentations:  These are individual employer events where employers take the opportunity to give you an in-depth view of their organisation and the job opportunities they offer.  You’ll usually get the chance to talk to some fairly new recruits to the company so you can get tips on the application process as well as what it’s really like to work there.  See the list of which employers are presenting this semester here.

Promote your PhD: What employers want (Meet the employer): This is a brand new event this year specifically for PhD students.  It’s a morning of workshops on marketing your PhD, creating an effective CV and using networking for career success.  It’s then followed by a networking event with 6 employers who have specifically expressed an interest in speaking to PhD students.  You’ll hear what they like about PhD graduates and how you can use your skills in their organisations.  Places are limited for this event so if you are interested sign up soon.  To find out more see our pages on PhD student workshops.

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