PhD to Consulting Conference

PhD to consulting conferenceFor anyone with a vague interest in exploring management consultancy as a career, we’ve just been notified of the annual PhD to Consulting Conference to be held in London on 27th September 2013.

It’s a conference for PhD students and post-docs interested in a career transition to consulting in the UK.  There will be networking opportunities with speakers from several consulting firms (e.g. EY, IMS Consulting …), a workshop where consultants share their career history from research to consulting, and a chance to ask questions to a panel of consultants.  In particular, this year’s conference will focus on:

  • Explore how receptive the UK consulting industry is to PhD students/graduates.
  • Sector/industry specific demands for PhD students/graduates.
  • What the consulting industry expects from PhD students/graduates.
  • Key skills a PhD recruit should have (quantitative, qualitative, etc).
  • Recruitment & assessment procedures including an opportunity to practice a case study.

To find out more and to register visit the PhD to Consulting Conference website. Registration closes on the 18th September.

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