PhD To A Career In Medical Communications

Medical writing careers guideI promised a while back that I’d be starting a series of ‘careers in…’ to inspire you to think about the different jobs you could consider after a PhD.  It was my intention to do one at some point on medical communications but luckily I’ve just come across a useful article on just that topic on!  

So rather than re-inventing the wheel I’m going to suggest anyone interested in finding out more about medical communications read the article on ‘PhD to a career in medical communications‘.

If that sparks your interest then MedComms Networking, an informal organisation to encourage networking among people working in medical communications, has produced a really useful careers guide.  It gives a brief overview of the process of bringing a drug to market, outlines the different agencies that support pharmaceutical companies in their work, describes the range of job roles in medical communications, what experience and skills you need to work in the industry, and lists a number of Medical Communications agencies at the end.

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