Struggling for the right words to use on your CV?

cvsampleOne of my colleagues (who goes under the guise of the Chemistry Careers Mole) pointed out a handy list of action words which could be consulted if you run out of inspiration when writing your CV.

It can be difficult to think of interesting, but accurate, ways of describing your research and experience without overdoing ‘Responsible for’,  ‘Worked on’, and other phrases commonly seen on CVs.  Instead you may have generated, reviewed, diagnosed, critiqued, motivated, evaluated, investigated ….

Using action words makes your CV much more dynamic and it’s likely to have more impact.  Obviously it’s important to use these words in the correct context and with examples that really convince the reader (usually an employer).

You can see the list of action words at Quintcareers.  Enjoy using them!

For more advice about CV content and structure see our website.

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