Edinburgh Graduate Recruitment Fair

Careers Fair 24 CROPPEDThe Edinburgh Graduate Recruitment Fair takes place this Thursday 23rd May from 11 – 4pm in Adam House on Chambers Street.  This is an opportunity to meet with a wide range of employers who currently have vacancies to recruit graduates.  Things to remember:

  • Plan who you want to talk to before going along.  Exhibitors attending range from Charles River (contract research organisation), to IBM (IT and consultancy), to Majestic Wine (retailer), so have a look at the list of exhibitors and go along with specific questions.  You’ll find a full list of exhibitors here.
  • The employers attending are not specifically targeting postgraduate students.  BUT many of them tend to be more interested in skills and interests rather than degree discipline / level so think about what you have gained from your studies and use that when starting conversations.  If you are not sure have a look at what you have to offer in the PhD section of our website.
  • Remember you can use this as part of your research into careers that may suit or interest you.  Speaking to employers can be a good way to get an insider’s view into a company or type of work – often the sort of information not available on a website.
  • Don’t worry if there is nothing of interest for you at this careers fair.  We have another coming up in October and will be holding specialist events throughout the next academic year so there will be other opportunities for you to meet employers.

To find out more about the Edinburgh Graduate Recruitment Fair and other careers fairs go to the fairs part of our website.

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