Looking for a post-doctoral position in Europe?

One of my colleagues, Deborah Fowlis, is our local contact for an organisation called Intelliagence, a source of post-doctoral positions in Europe and beyond.  To find out more, read what Deborah has to say below.

What is Intelliagence?Intelliagence

Intelliagence (www.intelliagence.fr) is a French website advertising jobs at post-doctoral level, as well as PhD positions, in over 20 countries. The vast majority of these positions are in France (2000+ ads), Belgium (100), Switzerland (32) or Luxembourg (31), but there are always a few in other countries as far apart as Canada (26 – mainly French Canada),  USA (17), China (4), New Zealand (1). The postdoctoral positions may be temporary (indicated by CDD) or permanent (CDI) and they may be in academia or industry. The PhD positions are usually based in a university, but there may be the possibility to spend some time in industry.

Is it useful for you?

Intelliagence is mainly geared towards scientists and engineers. Of around 3000 jobs/PhDs recently advertised, 740 were biology/health-related, engineering (620), chemistry (500), but there were only 50 ads for the humanities. So if you are looking for a chemistry position in France, it’s great. If you are looking for a humanities position in New Zealand, not so great!

How do you use it?

Candidates can simply browse the job adverts and then reply direct to the offer, following the instructions. Alternatively, candidates can use the “Post Your CV” facility and put their CV on the database for potential employers or PhD supervisors to find by searching. To ensure that you have a better chance of success using this method, you firstly need to make sure that you fill in a detailed skills profile (Mon Profil) and also give a title for the type of job you are seeking. For example, “Postdoc Chemist” is not sufficient for a title, it should be something along the lines of “Postdoc Synthetic Organic Chemist”. Potential employers search initially on the Skills Profile or Title, hence the need for such detail.

Can you get help?

The Careers Service has a co-ordinator for Intelliagence, Deborah Fowlis. She can help with feedback on your CV, and with wording your profile/title if posting. Once you have uploaded your CV, she can also “approve” your application. This appears as a big red tick beside your details. Employers look for this approval when screening applicants.

Check out their website for further information or contact Deborah at the Careers Service (careers@ed.ac.uk) for further information.

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