Job opportunities

jobsThere are some interesting jobs being advertised on SAGE at the moment which could be of interest to PhD students, soon to be graduates.

There is a small selection below but look for more at

Science and engineering focus

BiostatisticianSingapore Clinical Research Institute: Looking for someone with a PhD in statistics (or related)and  methodological background/ experience in Adaptive Design clinical trials to provide statistical support for clinical studies, including study design, sample size estimation, patient randomization, statistical analyses (usually by SAS), and interpretation of data and reporting of results.  Closing date 30 April.

Facebook software engineerFacebook: They want computer scientists to help build the next-generation of systems behind Facebook’s products.  They require expertise with C++ and/or Java and knowledge of Perl or PHP or Python and relational databases and SQL.  Work locations include Seattle, New York and London.  Apply as soon as possible.

Radioactive Waste Research ConsultantGalson Sciences: They want a PhD in applied mathematics, quantitative earth sciences, physics, chemistry or engineering to manage and/or contribute to a range of industry, regulatory and policy projects in the UK and overseas.  Closing date 26 July.

Graduate schemeRoyal Society of Chemistry: An 18 month rotational programme (open to all graduates in chemical or related science) in a number of different areas from science, education, industry, communications and external relations and membership services.  The role will involve working on a variety of projects to promote the chemical sciences ranging from national events like Chemistry Week, to organising seminars for Government and key policy makers, running networking events for members, to outreach in schools.  Closing date 28 June.

Social science focus

Analyst – Graduate (Commonwealth Graduate Fund) for Glasgow City Council:  This is an interesting one as you have to live within Glasgow City Council boundary and have been under- or un-employed for 13 weeks before the start date.  But they are looking for PhDs if possible to work for clients to support proposal development and deliver work-packages within projects, identify key facts in data, evaluate them and their sources to draw basic conclusions, recognise patterns and trends and demonstrate knowledge of various survey techniques.  Closing date 12 May.

Market Research Executive – Critical Ltd:  This is a trainee role involving assistance with and management of market research projects. This will include proposal writing, research design, sampling, questionnaire design, webpage/survey design, fieldwork management and data collection, analysis, statistical interpretation, data processing, report writing, and presentations.  Degrees with research or statistical modules are preferred.  Closing date 31 July.

Social Investment ResearcherKnowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP):  They are looking for someone with knowledge of social research methods and strong analytical skills to work at North Star Housing Group (NSHG) to develop and embed a community investment impact measurement tool.  You will conduct initial research into Housing Association models in general, Community Investment models, the policy and political landscape and develop a bespoke Community Investment Impact Evaluation Model through the identification of appropriate impact measurement methodologies and supporting data streams and processes.  Closing date 30 April.

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