What next after your PhD?

I can remember (vaguely!) the years spent doing my PhD.  I was totally absorbed in the research, worked hard, but had great fun with other students and staff in my research institute.  It didn’t really occur to me to think about where I was headed after completing my PhD apart from a vague idea that I would go on to do a post-doc, which I did (twice).  I don’t regret for a moment doing those post-docs.  Again, I had a great time, did some research, published some papers, and lived in a lovely part of the North-West USA!

But I do wonder what would have happened if at any time I had sat down and thought about what I would actually like to do with my life.  In the current climate of increased competition for research funding and jobs perhaps that is even more important for those of you doing a PhD now.  So whether it’s to think about how to make yourself as competitive as possible so you get one of those jobs or are successful in winning funding for a research fellowship, or to explore what other career options are available to you, here’s how the Careers Service can help.

Career options

Talk over your options with a Careers Adviser.  You don’t need to know what you want to do post-PhD to talk to us.  We’re quite happy to help you explore some career options to get you started.  We’re also equally happy to help you think about how to move towards a specific goal / career if you have one in mind (academic / research or otherwise).

Explore your options.  Find out what other PhD graduates have gone on to do, look at careers related to your research area, or think about what you need to be doing to progress an academic career.

Spend time independently thinking about what you want out of a career, supported by the materials on our website on making career decisions.

You’ll already know if you’ve been reading this blog that we also advertise jobs and give you the chance to meet employers at a variety of events.  To find out all that we have to offer explore our website or just pop in to ask as our staff are always happy to help.  For information on how to find the Careers Service look at our contact pages.

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2 Responses to What next after your PhD?

  1. Nathalie says:

    Another interesting blog post from across the pond on alternative research careers:

  2. researchstudentcareers says:

    Thanks Nathalie. Some of the resources flagged up to help explore non-academic careers (I like the ‘alt-ac’ tag!) are really worth a look.

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