Opportunities for researchers

It’s a commonly held view that University Careers Service vacancy boards will not advertise anything of interest to PhD students.  Whilst it’s true that you will not find many academic jobs (for those you need to keep an eye on www.jobs.ac.uk) you will certainly find other employers advertising opportunities which are either directly targeted at PhD students and graduates, or who are willing to consider applications from this group.  Our own employer and vacancy database, SAGE , has a number of interesting opportunities being advertised at the moment.  These include:

  • Procter & Gamble R & D European PhD Seminar; an opportunity to experience the challenges of the daily life of a science / engineering researcher in a short visit to one of their European Research Centres.
  • Researcher, City of Edinburgh Council: part-time work researching the contribution and experiences of Polish and Italian communities in Edinburgh.
  • Royal Society of Chemistry, Publishing Editor: graduate job involving all aspects of the publishing process for RSC journals.
  • Maplecroft, Risk Analyst: graduate position for researchers with expertise in politics, economics, finance, and / or social science, providing analysis of political and economic situation in certain parts of the world to aid investment decisions.

To see more information on any of the above, or for more opportunities for PhD students, go to SAGE.  If you put ‘PhD’ in the Degree box when you are searching you can pull up any vacancies that specifically require a PhD.  But don’t forget to browse the other vacancies which may be asking for ‘any degree’.

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